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Free Games in December 2023 – Leak Shows Final Fantasy

Free Games in December 2023 – Leak Shows Final Fantasy

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There will be new additions to PS Plus Extra again in December. According to the leak, there should also be Final Fantasy among the new PS5 games.

HAMBURG – Once a month, Sony offers free PS5 and PS4 games to customers who pay for the premium PS Plus subscription. If you're also a PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscriber, you can also access the PS Plus game catalog. There will also be new food in December. Now players want to know that one of the new additions will be a title from the Final Fantasy series. What is the solution with the leak?

PS Plus Extra: Fans expect Final Fantasy to arrive in December

What happened? Players want to know that Strange Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy It is one of the free PS Plus Extra games that will be added to the catalog in December. Fans base this assumption on one Entry from Strange Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy In the Sony Rewards Program PlayStation stars. The game appears there in the PS Plus Extra tab. However, Sony's title for PS Plus has not yet been confirmed. The leak about PS Plus Extra should still be viewed with caution.

PS Plus Extra: Leak debuts Final Fantasy as a new free game in December © Square Enix

What type of game is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin? Stranger of Paradise is not a classic representative of the role-playing game series. In terms of story, the title takes place, as the name Origin suggests, before the events of the first Final Fantasy. Protagonist Jack has only one goal: chaos Demolition. In terms of gameplay, Stranger of Paradise is more like one of these games Niohalso from developer Team Ninja, as a classic Final Fantasy game.

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However, this version of Final Fantasy may not be to every taste. Critics have already bitten their teeth into Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Some loved what was probably the most unconventional Final Fantasy game to date, while others criticized the confusing story and weak graphics. If the title does release in December for PS Plus Extra, everyone can form their own opinion about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.