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Users will soon look down the tube: Microsoft stops offering the next Windows

Users will soon look down the tube: Microsoft stops offering the next Windows

Microsoft will pull the plug on the following offer for Windows users in the future. You can find out who will have to change soon here.

Microsoft has The end of Windows Mixed Reality Announce. If you own an Acer AH101, Acer OJO 500, Asus HC102, Dell Visor, HP VR1000, HP Reverb, HP Reverb G2, Lenovo Explorer, Samsung Odyssey or Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset, you may be experiencing some drastic changes .

According to a Microsoft source, support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets is expected to end in a “future Windows release,” expected to be released in late 2024. This means that major updates after 2024, including Windows 11 updates, may not be compatible with Your VR headset.

Microsoft's public announcement explains that the discontinuation also includes the coveted Mixed Reality Portal app, currently available in the Microsoft Store, as well as the SteamVR launcher on Steam. But what exactly does this mean for your VR experience?

Mixed reality will not be supported in upcoming Windows releases

Microsoft says goodbye to Windows Mixed Reality.

Image: Microsoft

According to official information from Microsoft provided by “DownloadVR“Effective November 1, 2026 for consumers and November 1, 2027 for commercial customers, Windows Mixed Reality will no longer be available through the Mixed Reality Portal, Download Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and Steam VR Beta and we will no longer support it,” the statement read.

Existing Windows Mixed Reality devices will continue to work with Steam until users upgrade to a version of Windows that no longer includes Windows Mixed Reality. However, starting November 1, 2026, users will no longer be able to download the core Mixed Reality Portal app, which is crucial for Windows MR headsets, as well as the SteamVR driver.

Download: Windows Mixed Reality Tool

Windows Mixed Reality is coming to an end: Microsoft does not comment on possible remote mechanisms

While the current settings are expected to work smoothly if the software remains installed, Microsoft was asked if there is some sort of remote or timed locking mechanism like Magic Leap 1. The answer is still up in the air here.

In summary, after November 1, 2026, key components of the Windows Mixed Reality VR headset may no longer be available for download and users with the Windows 11 2024 Update or later may be affected.

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