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Formula 1: Alonso draws the line – those words are clear

Formula 1: Alonso draws the line – those words are clear

After a furious start to the season, Aston Martin had to struggle in the final races before the summer break. In the second half of the Formula 1 year, the team around Fernando Alonso wants to build on its first races again.

The British racing team will present an upgrade package for the Dutch Grand Prix, which aims to make the car more aerodynamic and faster. But even with this update, it will be very difficult for the Formula 1 team, says Alonso.

Formula 1: The second half of the season will be “much more difficult”

Aston Martin has lost quite a bit of momentum ahead of the summer break. Alonso’s team managed to secure six podium places in a row at the start of the season. However, Alonso managed a final third place finish in Canada, which was followed by somewhat mixed racing.

Is it possible another platform with the new update? “I hope so,” confirmed Alonso on a pre-race media tour in Zandvoort. But he wouldn’t be “disappointed” if Aston Martin couldn’t reach the top three at the next Grand Prix. Alonso added that the starting situation is different now, and the situation is “much more difficult” than it was at the start of the season.

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“The competition has grown, and there are now four teams competing for the podium. Everyone is close together behind Red Bull, and they are incredibly close to Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin. The 42-year-old said of his prospects for the second half of the season: “ So it might be difficult to get six more podiums in the second stage of the season, but I would be happy to get two or three podiums.”

Hamilton is soon ahead of Alonso in the Drivers’ Championship?

His team doesn’t set any such specific goals anyway. Alonso says Aston Martin’s goal is to stay “in this fight” and continue to be present in the top midfield. “The goal for the second stage of the season is to become more competitive again,” he adds.

It may also include keeping Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton a distance in the Formula 1 drivers’ standings. The two former teammates are currently separated by just one point. Alonso is currently third and Hamilton fourth.

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