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For the first time, researchers have managed to grow plants in lunar soil

For the first time, researchers have managed to grow plants in lunar soil

About fifty years after astronauts brought samples from the moon, green seedlings sprout in the lunar soil. Researchers want to find food sources.

The basics in brief

  • Astronauts brought soil samples with them on the first lunar mission.
  • It was kept for research purposes.
  • Plants can now be grown successfully using parts of them.

About 50 years ago, someone landed for the first time moon. In this mission, astronauts brought samples of surface materials to Land.

It should be searched and saved for future research. Now NASA researchers have plants for the first time These soil samples can pull.

At the University of Florida, Arabidopsis thaliana was first cultivated in nutrient-poor lunar regolith.

The researchers used twelve grams for the experiment moon-floor. at small flower pots Plant seeds per gram moonLand Nutrient solution is added daily.

In control experiments The seeds were naturally Land Planted as well as in soil samples that show the composition of the soil on moon Mars imitated. both in moonLand As in other pots, the seeds germinated within two days.

Will you fly to the moon?

Anna Lisa Ball of the University of Florida, explained that for the first six days, all the plants looked the same. After that, the differences became apparent: in moonLand Plants grew more slowly and had less developed roots.

After 20 days, the scientists harvested all the plants and examined their DNA. Analyzes showed that moonLand Breed samples showed similar reactions to plants grown in hostile environments.

Developing food sources for astronauts

This research is particularly important for NASA’s long-term goals. “We have to open it moon and Mars to develop food sources for future astronauts. Those who will work and live in space in the future ”, said the head of the US Space Agency, Bill Nelson.

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