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This is how Princess Boucher works with her fourth place

This is how Princess Boucher works with her fourth place

The Grand Final of Let’s Dance has ended and the three finalists for this year’s season have been officially decided: Janine Ullmann, Renee Caselli and Matthias Meester will compete for the 2022 Dancing Star title next Friday (May 20). Although Princess Bucher also got into the throttle, that wasn’t enough for her in the end. We show you your first words after coming out in the video.

It’s a “big shock” for Princess Bucher

Soon after the decision, Amira and her dance partner Massimo Senato were guests on “Exclusive – Special” with Frauke Ludowig. Of course, the setback, which is nearing the end, must first be understood. “Big shock… You are in this world,” Oliver Bucher’s wife tries to express her feelings in words. She trained for about three months every week, week after week—suddenly having free time again was completely utopian for her.

Princess Massimo is incredibly proud of his student: “I found Tango Princess to be very strong, it was a great performance.” At some point, the two of them had noticed that things were getting tight – you can also find out exactly when that was in the video!

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