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For Jan Hoover, there was no longer dancing in Show 7

For Jan Hoover, there was no longer dancing in Show 7

23. April 2021 – 23:48 hour

Jan and Christina should be bid farewell

to Jan Hoover he have Love Week, bye, let’s dance. Happy End in 2021. News man and dance partner Christina Loft Unfortunately I have to say goodbye after the seventh show. There were 12 jury points for a slow waltz – this time the audience didn’t save Jan and Christina’s vote. For them, Let’s Dance is over. We show the resolution in the video.

The slow waltz is his last dance

Jan Hofer was already appearing on Show 6 after half of “Let’s Dance” He relied heavily on his departure. Now it really is a dance. The slow waltz is his last performance on the dance floor.

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Watch “Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

Let’s Dance has been running every Friday evening since February 26th! In parallel with the television broadcast, the show will also be broadcast live on TVNOW. Did you miss a show? No problem at all, you can watch all shows again here.

By the way, he runs Also the world’s first season on TVNOW From “Let’s Dance – Kids”. More information is available here.

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