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Football World Cup 2034: Indonesia considering joint bid with Australia

Football World Cup 2034: Indonesia considering joint bid with Australia

As of: October 11, 2023 at 1:05 pm

Indonesia could join Australia and other Southeast Asian nations in bidding to host the 2034 World Cup.

“Indonesia invited by Australia”, Indonesian media reported on Wednesday (October 11, 2023) citing Eric Tohir, the billionaire chairman of the Indonesian Football Association. A joint application with Australia and New Zealand would therefore be an option: “Another option is joint ventures with Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.”

Although Saudi Arabia is considered the clear choice, Football AustraliaA-boss James Johnson insisted last week that his association was continuing to explore the possibility of bidding for the 2029 Club World Cup or the 2034 World Cup. Dohir, who was Inter Milan’s president from 2013 to 2018, has also expressed interest in a joint orientation with Malaysia and Singapore.

Indonesia lost the U20 World Cup

Indonesia has lost since the U20 World Cup in March. In its justification, the World Association only noted: “Present Circumstances“. The governor of the island announced in a letter to the Indonesian association and government that he would not allow the Israeli team to enter the country. He cited solidarity with Palestine as the reason.

Then there was the U20 World Cup in Argentina. Indonesia now hosts the U17 World Cup in November, for which Israel did not qualify.

Enough of Saudi Arabia Statement of Purpose A

Indonesian President Joko Widodo also responded positively to the proposal. Dohir is also a minister in his cabinet. Talks between Southeast Asia’s biggest nation and Football Association Australia have so far been promising. Saudi Arabia submitted its bid for the 2034 World Cup to world governing body FIFA on Monday.

The FIFA Council had earlier announced that the 2030 World Cup would begin with three matches in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, followed by Morocco, Spain and Portugal. At the same time, FIFA announced that only representatives from Asia and Oceania should apply for the 2034 World Cup on a rotational basis, which was seen as a clear signal to Saudi Arabia.