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First Dates: Roland Trittle announces the sad news

First Dates: Roland Trittle announces the sad news

These are difficult days for TV chef Roland Treitel. The South Tyrol native, who was always in a good and cheerful mood, has now announced sad news.

Trittle is mourning his mother, who died shortly before the Christmas holiday.

The popular chef wrote on Instagram: “My passing and thank you very much, my dear mother.” to cut. We will see each other again in a few decades. Where you are now, try the best restaurants we will visit together next.

Several TV buddies expressed their sympathy for the 52-year-old in the comments.

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From the “First Dates” team (Trettl serves as host on the TV show) mentioned Mariella D'Auria (“I feel embraced!”) and Nick Shanker (“My heartfelt condolences”). The same goes for Trittle's colleague Cornelia Polito and teammate Tim Rau. TV presenter Steven Hlaschka wrote: “My condolences, dear Roland.”

Roland Trittle is married and has a son. In January 2023, he and his wife Dani announced their separation as lovers. Then the chef said: “Our love will be great enough that our son will always have a good time.”