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Financial crisis and turmoil: How dangerous is it to travel to Sri Lanka?

Severe economic crisis, no petrol, riots with deaths

Can Swiss still travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is experiencing a devastating financial crisis. It is no longer possible to import basic commodities such as fuel and food in sufficient quantities. There are frequent protests that claim people’s lives. Should the Swiss travel to Sri Lanka?

Publication date: 11:49 am


Updated: 2:40 PM

Sri Lanka is experiencing a devastating financial and economic crisis. The island nation is so indebted that it can no longer import important commodities such as food, medicine, fuel and gas in large quantities. Police and armed soldiers are currently guarding the gas stations. Resentment among the population is enormous.

On Wednesday, doctors and bankers took to the streets and marched in protest, calling on the government to find a quick solution. Recently, violent unrest claimed several lives and injured hundreds. Crime in the island nation has been on the rise for weeks.