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FCL was eliminated from the cup against Delémont

FCL was eliminated from the cup against Delémont


Cup embarrassment: As happened eleven years ago, the Champions League was eliminated by Delemont

Eleven years ago, the Jurassians knocked the midfield out of the cup. This time too, Lucerne embarrassed themselves against SR Delemont.

SR Delemont: FC Lucerne 1:0 (1:0)

FCL starting lineup

Compared to the defeat against Sunday, Mario Frick made some changes. Nicholas Haas, Lars Villier and Jakub Kadak return to the starting lineup. Nicky Belloko, Teddy Oko and Max Mayer take their places on the bench first. Pius Dorn leads FCL onto the pitch as captain. Denis Simani, who dislocated his elbow against Servette on Sunday, is also fit.

the goal

Minute 33: SR Delémont gets a corner kick. Sufyan Ashour Martin knocks Frederic into the penalty area and scores 1-0 with his foot. Referee Merrill Turks did not consider Ashour’s collision a foul.

Delémont players celebrate the goal that made the score 1-0.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot/Keystone (Delemont, November 1, 2023)

Match report

It didn’t take long that evening in Delemont for Lucerne to get her first good chance. About five minutes later, a shot from Chader went wide. But the Jurassicians don’t have to hide either, they play dangerously in front of Pascal Lauritz, but Ardon Gashari can only clear the position to the corner.

It was not until the 21st minute that Lucerne became dangerous again. Gachary and Chader played a brilliant one-two combination, while goalkeeper Oberle cleared the ball for a corner kick. It was then Gachari who won the ball just two minutes later and Oberle narrowly missed it again. Simane also failed to take the following corner kick by the Jura goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards Dorn also failed at close range to Oberle. Delémont goalie is showing a solid game.

Ardon Jashari failed several times in the first half due to Steven Oberle.

Ardon Jashari failed several times in the first half due to Steven Oberle.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Delemont, November 1, 2023)

It is FCL who have created more chances offensively to this point, but Delémont is stepping up. After a corner kick from Jurassier, Ashour Frydek blazed the floor to make it 1-0 to the hosts. With this result, the two teams bid farewell to the locker room. Disappointing performance from Lucerne in the first 45 minutes.

The fact that the score was not 2-0 in the 46th minute was only thanks to the great work of Lauritz. Defensively, the flexible defensive line is highly error-prone. Even Frederik’s long-range shot did not achieve the goal we had hoped for. Haas, Dorn and co often lack accuracy in midfield, and many of their passes end up with the Jura players rather than their teammates.

Pascal Lloritz has to make several important saves in the second half.

Pascal Lloritz has to make several important saves in the second half.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Delemont, November 1, 2023)

FCL coach Mario Frick also believes that things cannot continue like this. After about 60 minutes he brought on Mayer, Bellocco and Oko in place of Kadak, Haas and Villier. Substitutes initially put more effort towards goal, but goal-line opportunities remain rare. To boost the attack, Klidje also comes in place of Chader.

But this replacement also fades into nothing. Instead, it’s Delemont who has another great chance, and Lauritz has to save it back down the line. Even in the last few minutes of the match, FCL did not do enough offensively. FC Luzern had a very poor performance against SR Delemont of the Promotion League.

the pictures

FCL players leave the field disappointed.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot/Keystone (Dilsburg, November 1, 2023)

FCL feedback

Pius Dorn and Nicholas Haas after the defeat to Delemont.

Video: Pilatus today

Here’s what the FCL coach says

“After the 1-0 win we were in a mental state. There was already a fear of embarrassing the cup in my head.”

“We couldn’t show the reaction. We have surrendered.”


Delemont – Lucerne 1:0 (1:0)
blancherie. – 3730 spectators. – Turkish riyal.
Goal: 33. Ashour (Shala) 1-0.
Delemont: Oberl. Weider, CSKA, Weider, Toure; Coelho (Okoh 70), François, Silvestre (Aboud 79), Ashour (Varine 86); Shala (79 Bayan), Turks (86 Gobin).
Lucerne: Loritz. Otiger, Jacques, Simani, Frederic; Haas (60 Beloco), Jashari; Dorn, Kadak (60. Max Mayer), Chader (75. Kledje); Villager (oko sixtieth).
comments: Delaymon without Pom and Tabby (both injured). Lucerne are without Adeyemi, Pekka and Lenny Meyer (all injured). – Warnings: 12. CSKA, 66. Coelho, 67. Weider, 68. Frederic, 76. Jaquez, 89. Maeder (all fouls).


The Flexible Line of Credit has little time to rest after this disaster. On Sunday, Lucerne will host GC Zurich in the Allmond area (2:15 pm). On Saturday 11 November, the Champions League will be played away against champions YB.

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