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Lumberjack Martin sports with a monster chainsaw to hunt for medals |

Lumberjack Martin sports with a monster chainsaw to hunt for medals |

Danny Martin is the only athlete from Hesse included in the Lumberjacks’ World Cup squad. He hopes to get a medal in Stuttgart. To do this, he has to quickly saw and swing the axe. In competition, fractions of a second are counted.

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Lumberjack Danny Martin is the only Hessian in the Timbersports World Cup

Sports lumberjack Danny Martin

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When Danny Martin picks up an ax or a saw at home, it has nothing to do with gardening. The 35-year-old achieves his highest level of performance when he works out in the training hall he built himself next to his home in Sintal (Main Kienzig).

The sports lumberjack will see what painstaking preparations have brought Wood Sports World Cup Friday and Saturday in Stuttgart. According to organizers, the 6,500-capacity Porsche Arena will be sold out on both days.

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World Cup of Sports Lumberjacks

Al-Hattab Sports Championship? This has been happening in the USA since 1985 and in Europe since 2001. This scene is sponsored by a well-known chainsaw manufacturer. For him, competitions are marketing events and performance showcases. More about the history and development of wooden sports can be found here here.

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Three axe and three saw specialties

The competitions – Three Saws, Three Axes – are all about dismantling boxes and professionally cutting wood with the required speed and accuracy. Strength, technique, skill and quick reactions are required when fighting against opponents and the clock. Of course you also need the right tools. For this reason, the instrument manufacturer is also the main sponsor.

Martin’s favorite device is the Hot opinion. “I am feared all over the world in competitions because I can handle it quickly and consistently well.” The hot saw is a 30kg monster saw. It has a power of 80 horsepower and a speed of 240 kilometers per hour. This means that Martin and his eleven competitors who qualify must cut goals out of wood – one of the six disciplines Wm.

German champion sports lumberjack Danny Maher uses a high-performance chainsaw

Martin is a German World Cup participant

Martin is the only Hessian in the German national team. He competes in team and individual competitions. This World Cup is something special for him. After playing ten matches, he is now one of the German participants in the World Cup, as he explains with pride.

In the Team competition The Germans probably won’t have any say in the medal fight. According to Martin, major overseas countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand are among the favourites. “If we become the best Europeans and leave Poland and Sweden behind, it will be a great success,” Martin said.

The goal: the winner’s platform

In the Individual competition Martin is already more ambitious. After finishing fourth last year at the World Championships in Gothenburg (Sweden), he now wants to target the podium. He recently showed that he is in a good mood at the German Championships in Essen, where he claimed the title again.

“But the global elite are on a different level,” says Martin, warning against too high expectations. “If I want to end up on the podium, everything has to be perfect. After all, the twelve best athletes in the world are competing there.” Fragments of a second decide between victory and defeat in the knockout system. It showed just how close the world’s elite are to each other at last year’s World Cup Sweden He had to put himself to the test when he only finished fourth by a very narrow margin, with the same number of points as third.

– Imitating competitions in detail during training

To get faster, Martin works out at home in his training hall, where he has access to plenty of wood, saws and axes. “I try to recreate the competition conditions in detail as professionally as possible.” He starts off with an audible start signal like in competitions before picking up an ax and hitting a block of wood.

Sports lumberjack Danny Maher hits in the German championship

And at the World Cup on home soil, Martin hopes the support of the fans will inspire him to achieve his best. He added, “The anticipation has been growing for days. It will be a wonderful World Cup. Thousands of fans in the hall will support the German team. It will be an atmosphere full of goosebumps.”

Martin has to take time off for this adventure. Because as a professional he cannot make a living cutting wood for sports. When he returns home, he again works as a firefighter in the German Army in Wildflecken (Bavaria) – also a solid job.

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