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FC Lucerne beat newly promoted Yverdon

FC Lucerne beat newly promoted Yverdon


Finally three points again: FC Lucerne beat newly promoted Yverdon – Mario Frick shows a golden touch

Before the match they were tied on points, and now FC Luzern leads: Mario Frick’s team beats promoted Yverdon 2-1. The substitute player plays a special role. Off the field, there are other players causing a stir.

FC Lucerne: Yverdon Sport FC 2:1 (1:0)

FCL starting lineup

What will happen next at FC Lucerne? After Ismael Bika was injured against Lausanne Sport, coach Mario Frick has to rethink. Unlike the match against Vaudois, Luca Jaquez and Severin Otiger are now in the starting lineup. Nessie Haas sits on the bench.

In addition to Becca, Kamal Adeyemi and Lenny Meyer were also injured. Julian Book, Luke Bredick, Diego Heller, Noah Rupp and Levin Winkler are absent.


Minute 23: Throw-in by Martin Frederic: After a quick interaction between the Czech and Teddy Oko, the ball finds its way to Pius Dorn. He nodded for a 1-0 lead.

Minute 70: It happened quickly and smoothly: Everdon used his first corner of the match to level the score at 1-1. Varol Tasar comes on, and substitute Boris Cespedes is unchallenged.

Minute 71: The substitute player also registers in the FCL. After a wonderful assist from Pius Dorn, Sofiane Chader took advantage of the confusion of the Yverdon players, who may have been in an offside position.

Match report

While this or that party was already able to celebrate these elections on Sunday, the mood in the FCL is different: recently there have been two defeats and one draw. Will Lucerne finally return to success against newly promoted Yverdon?

Things could be better at the moment: but Champions League fans stand behind their club.

Photo: Philipp Schmidley/Keystone

At least Lucerne started the game better – as soon as three minutes had passed, things became doubly difficult for Yverdon. But Max Mayer and Lars Villier have so far been unable to score the opening goal in their effort. However, the starting minutes belong to the hosts, who made themselves comfortable in the opposition’s half of the match. Nearly twenty minutes later, Martin Frederic attempted from long range from the left. But the ball went past the post again. It looked different a little later: after a throw-in from Frederic, FCL were finally rewarded for their efforts with a 1-0 win – no fewer than 11 shots going to Lucerne’s account.

Yverdon falls behind: Lucerne's Pius Dorn (right) scores to make it 1-0 in front of goalkeeper Kevin Martin.

Yverdon falls behind: Lucerne’s Pius Dorn (right) scores to make it 1-0 in front of goalkeeper Kevin Martin.

Photo: Philipp Schmidley/Keystone

After 30 minutes of play, Yverdon finally found his way in front of Lucerne’s goal once or twice. However, it would not be dangerous. For this reason, Varul Tasar, who recently wore the FCL jersey, is always booed by the crowd. Meanwhile, on the other side, Mayer hits the crossbar. Mayer closer to 2-0 in the 39th minute: After Yverdon goalkeeper Kevin Martin allowed a shot to bounce off Villiger, Mayer attempted a ball over Martin, who still had to get up at that moment. But Yverdon’s Anthony Sottier miraculously cleared the line. So, we will go into the break with only one goal.

Two alternatives are causing a stir

After the restart, things became a lot quieter compared to the beginning of the game. Okou only provides the first goal after ten minutes, but he can’t make it. The same also applies to Sautier, who tried his luck at the other end in the 60th minute, and to Tasar in the 67th minute. The Champions League fans, who encouraged their team by dancing before kick-off, are still waiting for the important second goal.

Does change provide more power? Lucerne coach Mario Frick brings Sofiane Chader into the match for Oko. He quickly scored shortly after being substituted – but after Yverdon, who leveled the scores with 1-1 seconds remaining. Here too, top scorer Boris Cespedes was previously on the bench.

Tributes to Lars Villiger, Pius Dorn and Martin Frydek (from left to right)

Tributes to Lars Villiger, Pius Dorn and Martin Frydek (from left to right)

Photo: Philipp Schmidley/Keystone

Now the game is starting to pick up speed again. Once again, Yverdon tried to pass the ball from the left side, again without scoring because the ball passed wide of the penalty area. Shortly before the end, things get heated again on both sides – on and off the field. In the 86th minute, Otiger was spot on: he blocked Carlos’s shot in front of the goal line, and Lauritz would have been beaten. Then, among others, Yverdon’s Nehimi Loswina received a red card after a foul on Dorn. The NFL also gave red cards to goalkeeping coach Pukki (94) and team doctor Reichenbach (95) over the complaint. In the end the score remained 2-1, which means FC Luzern can finally celebrate again in the elections on Sunday after a long drought.

Here’s what the FCL coach says

“It was very important that our morale got back to winning ways.”

“I’m very happy with the first half. We are a strong home team. In the second half, Yverdon caused us big problems. Fortunately, we were able to respond immediately, but we were floundering.”

FCL reactions from Ardon Jashari and Severin Ottiger

“It’s nice that we were able to give the fans three points. They always come in large numbers. “The schedule is exciting and will continue to be exciting.”

“Victory is extremely important for self-confidence.”

FCL scores

Chader as scorer, Gašari less decisive in the game than usual: FCL scores against Yverdon at a glance


Lucerne – Yverdon 2:1 (1:0)
Swissport Arena. – 11,543 spectators. – S. R. Chodi.
Goals: 23. Dorn (Fredek) 1-0. 70. Cespedes (Zawia Zarr) 1: 1. 71. Shader (Dorn) 2: 1.
Lucerne: Loritz. Otiger, Jacques, Simani, Frederic; Gashari (88 Haas); Thorne, Beloco; Max Mayer (75 Cadac); Oko (69. Chader), Villiger (88. Kledji).
Yverdon: martin; Malola, Del Fabro, Gunnarsson (89. Rodriguez); Liziero (Lusuena 64); Sautier, Lucif (64. Cespedes), Longuy (75. Carlos), Le Beaugham (75. Cornes); Tasar, Maheus.
comments: Lucerne are without Adeyemi, Pekka and Lenny Meyer (all injured). Yverdon is without da Silva, Jacquenaud, Currie, Rodriguez and Sorensen (all injured). – The twenty-eighth participation, Oko’s shot. – Red-yellow card: 92. Luswina (foul). Bookings: 61. Del Fabbro, 64. Luswina, 80. Jashari, 95. Frederic (full foul). Red cards in the FCL for goalkeeping coach Pukki (94) and team doctor Reichenbach (95) over the complaint.

Results and table


In a week, Mario Fricke’s team will travel to Geneva. Servette is waiting there with a flexible credit line. The match starts on Sunday at 4:30 pm.

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