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Error in “The Helen Fisher Show”: The director should intervene

Error in “The Helen Fisher Show”: The director should intervene

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On “The Helen Fisher Show,” the Queen of Pop made a mistake you wouldn't see on television. The manager has to intervene.

Munich – average 5.02 million Viewers tuned in on December 25. “The Helen Fisher Show” on ZDF. They witnessed a supposedly flawless spectacle with many surprises: Helen Fisher as Barbiea duet with Beatrice Egli with playback, doubling the protagonist and, and…

“The Helen Fisher Show” was recorded twice

Television viewers saw Helen Fisher as very human, but there were almost no signs of any mishap. There is a good reason for this. The “Helen Fischer Show” was recorded twice in Düsseldorf on December 1 and 2. This material was then televised. If Helen Fisher made a mistake once or a guest ruined their performance, the other version was used. Even small errors between performances should be excluded.

However, many spectators in the hall filmed the scene with their smartphones. So, if you search YouTube & Co., you'll find a lot of glitched recording collections. For example, Helen Fisher describes gossip singer Beth Ditto as a “strange and unique” woman. Just one slip of the tongue among many. Helen Fisher is just a human being, not a moderation machine. He improvises successfully through some adversity.

Hall's videos show what you don't see on TV on “The Helen Fisher Show.”

However, at some point, even the 39-year-old reached her limits, as a viewer video shows. And there's absolutely nothing she can do about it. Technology is to blame. According to the video, the floating ball in which she danced before is still standing uselessly on the stage. Helen Fisher can be heard saying: “I thought it was going to go up.” “Oh, yeah, there are some too,” she says. It is not entirely clear whether she means the assistants or the remains of the stage.

And then you can hear the trend in the room: “Yes, they will be dismantled quickly,” before Helen Fisher pays tribute to the “strong men.” But it doesn't go fast. Fisher has to improvise. She asks the audience if they are okay. Whoever was there for the first time is happy with the lively presence. Then she continued the break by explaining: “Actually, TV is really different. We always have to stop like this. And I like it too, when it's so smooth inside you, here, emotions build up, and we cry with happiness. But that happens sometimes with these breaks.” …How can I put it? But in the end it will be great.”

Helen Fisher masterfully masters difficult situations

“You'll be enjoying it all so nicely, so precisely cut on the 25th, comfortably on your living room sofa. And now I think we're ready. Is that so?” she promised to applause, realizing she wasn't. “We haven't tried yet.” Small talk with the audience follows, as she waves to one of the hecklers. At some point, Helen Fisher could no longer think of anything and demanded answers: “Maybe our director can enlighten us all?”

Hall guests (and YouTube viewers) will be able to see what was hidden from television viewers on the “Helen Fisher Show.” © YouTube screenshot

He's doing her a favor. “It's about to start, we still have to set up a little something and then it'll be great,” the voiceover says. Helen Fisher continues to chat with the audience in a rapid-fire manner: “I would love to come to you. But the dress is really hard.” “I can’t breathe in this thing.” She responds to more harassment. Meanwhile, the director asks for “a little moment.” Then she is released. Helen Fisher and can announce the appearance of Claudia Couric (37 years old). The audience in the hall had a slightly different experience than Helen Fisher, who does not allow such difficulties to derail her. Al-Fatiha. Did you know that there was another TV star with a distinctive beard in the audience? ? (flexible) Sources used: DPA, YouTube