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Emirates President Tim Clark: Boeing hopes to obtain 777X certification in July 2023

Emirates President Tim Clark: Boeing hopes to obtain 777X certification in July 2023

Emirates and Lufthansa are waiting for the Boeing 777X as a customer for the first time. The aircraft manufacturer is now aiming for model certification for summer 2023.

Boeing was confident, but not too specific. man Continue planning for delivery of first Boeing 777X in 2023The aircraft manufacturer said Monday, November 15 at the Dubai Airshow. Because when the manufacturer aims to obtain certification of the model, he did not disclose. Emirates Airline President Tim Clark took over on Tuesday.

“Boeing has now postponed certification to July 2023,” he said. Clark, who recently repeatedly criticized Boeing for its delays with the 777X. “Now everyone can guess if they’re going to make it, given what’s going on at the moment.”

Emirates is feeling a bit trapped

Clark confirmed that Emirates is still sticking with the 777X order and that he is convinced that it is a good aircraft. In addition, it first identified with Boeing what was necessary for the successor to the current 777. Therefore, one now feels somewhat trapped in it. Emirates Airlines cooperates with first customer Lufthansa 777X.

The 777X will eventually find its way into the Emirates fleet — but he can’t say when, according to Clark. “We agree with Boeing that we can have a more meaningful conversation about when they will be handed over to Emirates once they’ve made some progress on the FAA exam and progressed to accreditation.”

Older Boeing 777 aircraft have been upgraded

That’s why the decision was taken to upgrade older Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, Clark said. He was referring to the morning announcement To equip another 52 Airbus A380s and 53 Boeing 777s in the new Premium Economy Class.

While Emirates regularly expresses itself publicly about 777X and Boeing delays on the new long-haul plane, Lufthansa, the first number two customer, is always holding back. The German airline never commented before the factory did so itself.