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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

The Infrastructure Package Makes the USA Fit for the 21st Century

Biden’s visit to Woodstock marks the beginning of a week-long tour that government officials have taken across different states to promote the giant infrastructure package. About 550 billion US dollars (476 billion euros) in new infrastructure investment is set to be committed over the next few years. In total – including previously budgeted funds – the package is worth more than $1 trillion. The package is one of the primary domestic political projects during the Biden tenure.

Billions in infrastructure will be used in the coming years for roads, bridges, ports, airports, local transport, and railways, as well as high-speed internet connections, the electricity grid, and water supply. Climate protection, which Biden has made a top priority, should also benefit from some projects. “Thanks to the Infrastructure Act, we will make the most significant investment in modernizing our roads and bridges in 70 years,” Biden said on Tuesday. Public transportation is the biggest investment ever.

Biden signed off on the legislative package at the White House on Monday. And preceded the adoption of Congress months of difficult negotiations. The dispute has overshadowed the planned investments of billions in infrastructure, from which a large part of the population should benefit. Biden’s acceptance rates have fallen. A violent row between Biden’s Democrats over a second package with investments in social and climate protection has also derailed infrastructure plans. The second package has not yet been determined. Negotiations are still ongoing.

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