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Elvedis lock cast high waves.  Applause for Rotsonder barbs for the Football Association.

Elvedis lock cast high waves. Applause for Rotsonder barbs for the Football Association.

Niko Elvedi and colleagues discuss the traffic light card they just pulled with referee Petersen.

stone key

Borussia Monchengladbach has suspended Nati defender Nico Elvedi after an emergency braking in the last two games of the season. The decision caused waves, and Elvedi received a lot of applause from his fans.

In the Bundesliga duel between Gladbach and Leipzig, the 64th minute approaches when defender Niko Elvedi comes half a step behind in front of right-back top scorer Christopher Nkunko and only removes his opponent with an intervention. Because, unlike his compatriot Jan Sommer, who is the last man in his team, referee Martin Petersen’s decision was made quickly: a free kick for Nkunko and a direct red card for Elvede.

The decision is understandable. “Obviously wrong, prevented an obvious chance of scoring. (…) So the correct field reference “,” Also write “Kolina’s Heirs”this country has authority in terms of arbitration and rules.

Gladbach fans praise Elvedi

In addition, the rule established by the FA regarding the subsequent suspension does not leave much room for maneuver. Anyone who stops their opponent with the emergency brake will be banned from playing two matches for unsportsmanlike behaviour. The only exception is when a goal is scored by the opposing team immediately in the subsequent free kick or penalty kick.

As this does not happen in Elvedi’s case, the Swiss unsurprisingly withdrew in the last two games of the season and thus was sent on leave early. And because Gladbach still outnumbered Leipzig and won 3-1 thanks to a deaf show, Elvedi is celebrated primarily by his supporters for his activism.

“It was all worth it. Nico, I’m proud of you” writes a Twitter user. Another commented, “Thank you Nico for preventing damage by doing this. Who knows what else could happen.” And the third says: “Clear red. But if we win, Elvedi is simply king.”

Bitter taste

However, dowry supporters feel they have been treated unfairly. This was prompted by a scene from Jusko Gvardiol already pre-loaded from the 27th minute, with RB Leipzig defender Jonas Hoffmann being rude. One Pony fan wrote: “The bitter taste continues to be allowing Gvardiol to get back on his feet cleanly after receiving a yellow card and giving RB the right-back the opportunity to take him off the field in time.” Indeed, Gvardiol walked off the field shortly after after just 33 minutes.

The analysis of the “Collina Heirs” supports the protests from the Gladbach camp: “Kicks the ankle with the forward spikes, a dynamic process, harsh from the strike pattern, so it’s actually yellow-red.”

“DFB has completely lost sensitivity”

So it’s no surprise that some Gladbachers are letting their anger run out again after announcing the duration of the Elvedi ban. “Ridiculous! One game would be enough. It is not a repeat offence,” a comment on Twitter took aim at the fact that the Swiss had not received a red card in his career until Monday. The user agrees: “This is absolutely ridiculous. This Gvardiol should have flown in the first half – and for even worse mistakes. The DFB has completely lost his sensitivity. This is the first red card in his entire Gladbach season. The game would have done it too.”

Then Elvedi could have intervened again, at least in the last game of the season against TSG Hoffenheim. But that is how the 25-year-old’s season ends so ruthlessly. or not? After all, three points are seen against Leipzig despite outnumbered. Thus, one follower raised a completely different suspicion after the early season end of the Swiss: “Nico Elvedi just wanted to put an end to this season earlier.”