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Duchess Megan: Will she never come to Great Britain?

Will Prince Harry still get police protection? An expert warns that Duchess Megan will never go to London again without security.

Will 40-year-old Duchess Megan not return to Great Britain? A dispute between 37-year-old Prince Harry and the British government over the removal of police protection from Scotland Yard could have an impact on his wife. A government expert speculates on the British tabloid “The Sun”. According to the local, the feud was at least a “very good excuse” for Megan. So she does not have to go to her husband’s country.

Background: Prince Harry is currently considering a lawsuit against the government because he did not want the Home Office to recognize personal security after he relinquished his royal duties. Harry insists on 24/7 security, but this is restricted to key royal families and government officials. A court must now resolve the dispute.

Will Prince Harry win on the court?

Audiences hope that Harry will not achieve the desired success with his potential suit. Phil Tampere, a biographer on the royal family, says that if Harry wins in court, it will set a precedent for any celebrity to claim the right to police protection. However, the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming platinum anniversary is a good excuse for Megan not to travel with her children. Harry will probably come alone.

The Queen will actually be “very sad” because Tampere will not meet her granddaughter Lilliput in 7 months and Archie, 2, will no longer see her. But the last word has not yet been spoken. Harry’s lawyers argue that the prince is sixth on the throne. Moreover, he and his family have been subjected to extremist threats over the past few years.

Prince Harry comes without the Duchess Megan

Although Sussex finances a private security group, it does not provide the necessary protection. However, the expert was not intimidated by Harry’s absence from the celebrations. When asked if he would go home despite losing in court, Tampere said: “He will definitely do.” Once he is with his family, everyone will get the same protection anyway. He will be insecure only on arrival, departure and other activities far away from family.

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