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New Clarus (USA) Celebrates Old New Year’s Day like Apenseller

Habits are followed

Old New Year’s Eve in New Clares: This is how “Sylvester Clausen” works in the United States

In the small tourist town in the United States, there was an unusual picture on Saturday: a Schuppel with bells and cylinders moving through the town of Chläuse. However, not everything is as stated in the report of the local television station.

US Chläuse is a popular photo subject.

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As is well known, tourists are not allowed on the Silvesterchlausen in Acerhorden this year. The situation with the large pool was completely different: in New Clares, Wisconsin, USA, the local tourism office advertised the event on its website on Saturday, January 15th.

The contribution of the local television station WKOW shows four “Wüeschte” roaring and making noise in the village streets. Loudly they let their little characters sound in their body. Two swing beads with embroidered black straps. Her crochet was not made of short needled fir branches as usual. The green threads were like hair in the video. The audience is impressed with this costume. They hold cell phones and cameras for extraordinary performance and agree with laughter and applause. When asked, Clausen is said to be a member of the New Clares Yodelling Club.

“This is the first time they’ve done something like this, but we hope they do it every year from now on.”

According to a TV report, the practice first took place outside Switzerland.

Understanding from a customs expert

The fact that the American Silvesterchläse is following the custom of the Assyrian does not bother Wälti Frick from Urnäsch, when he says: “On the contrary, it would be interesting to know if these people have ebony roots.” The active class can well imagine that someone came up with this idea out of a homely attitude. “If I had emigrated as a teenager I would have played with such an idea,” says Walty Frick.

Walty Frick.

“I do not want to judge them without background information.”

On the other hand, according to the customs expert, it is certainly not true that this performance is the first appearance of a Chlausenschuppel abroad. Neuhus-Schuppel traveled from Urnäsch to Africa in 1999 as part of a cultural exchange. Frick knows that someone has traveled and gone to Japan. “The museum has already lent to foreign companies as part of a cultural exchange.”

From Swiss immigration to tourism magnetism

New Clarus describes himself as “America’s little Switzerland”. Founded in 1845 by about 150 Clarner settlers, the village still retains the heritage of its ancestors. Meanwhile, the term Clarus has expanded and festivals have been dedicated to well-known Swiss personalities such as Heidi and Wilhelm Dell. Salad style restaurants offer Swiss specialties. White sausages are on display at a local butcher shop.

A New Year's Eve in New Clares.

A New Year’s Eve in New Clares.

Photo: Facebook

The surnames Wälti, Voegeli, Hoesly or Elmer indicate that some of the approximately 2100 inhabitants are direct descendants of immigrants from Clarnerland. In the summer of 1845, the first group of 108 people who wanted to escape poverty arrived in Switzerland. Initially they mainly cultivated wheat, later settlers made milk and livestock and made cheese. But American agriculture was also affected by the global structural change and a major dairy processing plant closed its doors in 1962. As a result, New Clarus focused on tourism associated with Swiss heritage, which is now one of the most important sources of income.

The local tourism office explains in detail and synchronously the practice of Asserhod on its website. However, Kuttal did not fit well with the Swiss German Americans. This custom is also sometimes called “Silvesterchlasuen” or “Silvesterchalusen” (with the proper name).

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