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Drama on US southern border - Thousands of migrants under bridges - US relies on deportation flights - News

Drama on US southern border – Thousands of migrants under bridges – US relies on deportation flights – News

  • People wading in knee-deep water and pitching tents in the mud: The US city of Del Rio on the Mexican border is chaotic.
  • According to Mayor Bruno Lozano, more than 14,500 people are said to have gathered at the bridge linking the United States and Mexico on Saturday evening.
  • The US government wants to repatriate the immigrants – many of them Haitians – and is dependent on deportation flights.

The US Department of Homeland Security announced over the weekend that it will purchase additional transportation to increase the frequency and capacity of deportation flights to Haiti.

Rumor of crossing the border as a reason

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The deeply impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti was hit by a violent earthquake in mid-August. More than 2,000 people were killed. A short time ago, President Jovenel Moise was murdered. Many people fled the country for South America after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Observers believe that the economic consequences of the pandemic have caused them to flee again. But why is the situation escalating now?

There is a rumor that people in the Del Rio metropolitan area of ​​36,000 people can cross the border, Nicole Phillips of the Haitian Bridge Alliance told CNN.

She said many Haitians have been stuck in Mexico for years trying to apply for asylum in the United States. But the border was essentially closed to Haitians. “It was very difficult, if not impossible, for them to apply for asylum at the border.”

The Department of Homeland Security also wants to redistribute the immigrants to other locations in the area so it can process them more quickly. There they must ensure that people are expelled if they are illegally residing in the United States. The White House has instructed authorities to work with the government of Haiti and other governments in the region to provide assistance and support to the people upon their return.

Democrats demand a halt to deportations

The situation at the border in the US state of Texas sheds light on US President Joe Biden’s immigration policy. He criticizes the Democrat for this from within his own ranks. Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley called on the Biden government to immediately halt deportations to Haiti.

Exciting photos on the southern border of the United States

On the other hand, Republicans accuse Biden of too lax policies on the border with Mexico. Former President Donald Trump complained that “it’s unbelievable that our National Guard is standing in front of the empty Capitol and not on our southern border, where the number of illegal immigrants coming into our country is higher than ever.” Demonstration under heavy security for his supporters in Washington.

Attempts to enter the country illegally are increasing

Recently, the number of immigrants picked up at the southern border has increased significantly. In July, the CBP reportedly arrested about 213,000 people who tried to enter illegally from Mexico – more than a month for a good 20 years. According to CBP, there were more than 208,000 people in August.

The US Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that the majority of immigrants will be deported under the so-called Title 42 rule. This guideline was introduced in the Trump era due to the coronavirus pandemic and provides for speedy deportation. This is justified with the risk of introducing Covid-19. The rule was extended under Biden.

Human rights organizations accuse the government of using the pandemic only as an excuse to deport people without adequate examination and a court hearing.