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Doctors do not come to work due to petrol shortage

In Great Britain, the shortage of truck drivers creates new problems: petrol is depleted. The alarm goes off because British doctors are no longer coming to work.

Summarize the essentials

  • There is a massive shortage of truck drivers from Brexit to Great Britain.
  • Now the island has run out of petrol and diesel.
  • Doctors are sounding the alarm because they can no longer go to work without a car.

Great Britain sits on dry land. There was already a shortage of truck drivers Last week To empty the shelves in the grocery store. Now the British are getting one Another unpleasant side effect To feel. Petrol is exhausted.

Many petrol stations had to be temporarily closed due to fuel shortages. Where there is still petrol and diesel, they have been evolving for a long time Snakes And the police should take action against the culprits.

Brexit: Doctors no longer come to work

But it is not only private individuals who are affected by the shortage. Expanders in the health sector have now also sounded the alarm.

Physicians and other health workers cannot care for patients. Because they don’t come to work, ”said Julia Grace Patterson. He is president of the Everdictor Association, which brings together more than 1,700 British medical professionals.

Coming home is becoming rare

In a series of tweets, Patterson tells the stories of its members. Many of them have trouble getting to work. So the doctor demands an emergency plan GovernmentSo that health care can continue to function.

For example, a Bedfordshire hospital had to call an emergency meeting this week. All gas stations within four miles of the hospital were empty. At least four doctors did not show up for work because of this.

How many times a month do you refuel?

According to Patterson, general practitioners who go home or care for patients at home are particularly vulnerable. They have to greatly reduce their arrival due to lack of fuel. This is a “very worrying development”.

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