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Disney+ fights account sharing: new streaming rules from summer

Disney+ fights account sharing: new streaming rules from summer

Anyone who shares their Disney+ account with family and friends will soon be asked to pay. The company wants to get serious from summer onwards.

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Disney plans to strictly regulate against so-called account sharing, which is when multiple people share a user's account. Disney chief Bob Iger had already announced the move in August 2023. Disney CFO Hugh Johnston has now stated that the company wants to take active action against these users from the summer onwards. This was reported by the IT magazine “Heise Online”.

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Disney+ is following Netflix's lead in its new strategy.Image: Cornerstone

By limiting account sharing, the company hopes to generate additional subscriptions and increase sales. Netflix It has already done so successfully – with 5.9 million new subscriptions in Q2 2023.

Similar to what has been possible there since May, Disney+ subscribers should also have the option to add other users for an additional fee. The exact cost of the additional members has not yet been determined. But it will probably be as expensive as Netflix: you can per account Up to two additional people for five euros each To be added.

Account sharing is prohibited in the Terms and Conditions

Regardless, sharing the account outside of your household was never allowed according to the Disney+ user agreement. It used to say: “Your contractual right of use does not entitle you to: […] Share your login information with third parties or share your Disney+ account with third parties […]»

In October, the terms of use for German customers were also changed. Since then, it has said: “Unless your subscription options allow otherwise, you may not share your Disney+ account with anyone outside of your household.” A household is later defined as a private primary residence.

It's still unclear how strictly Disney plans to take action against account sharing in the future. However, you are unlikely to get into legal trouble if you continue to share your login information with others. However, accounts can be restricted or even banned if suspicious activity is observed.

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