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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Final release date set

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Final release date set

After Early Access, the final version of Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in December.

More precisely on December 5. The developers have already planned for Disney Dreamlight Valley to appear as a free-to-play title after the Early Access phase. But nothing came of it. However, free updates will appear that advance characters, areas, etc. as before. If Free Play had been changed, this clearly would not have been possible. In-game purchases – which have often been criticized – will also be present in the future.

Dreamlight Valley is coming: Will anything change for Early Access players?

Don’t worry, if you’re playing the Early Access version, your score will go up after the official launch no He loses and is moved to the final base game. Total available as of December 5th Three editions: The main game, the Cozy Edition and the Gold Edition, which includes an expansion pass called “A Rift In Time” – it’s still unclear exactly what the reason behind this is.

Good to know: Exclusive items from the upcoming Gold Edition will be distributed for free to “co-developers” of the full release – i.e. Early Access players. On top of that, you’ll get 2,500 Moonstones for free.

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Just like The Sims 4, the main game is free to play. There is more known.

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