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Dieter Bohlen's 70th birthday – Dieter Bohlen probably wouldn't have been successful in casting – Radio SRF Musikwelle

Dieter Bohlen's 70th birthday – Dieter Bohlen probably wouldn't have been successful in casting – Radio SRF Musikwelle


As a jury member, Dieter Bohlen is known for his sharp tongue. It's tough on applicants. As a singer he would probably flounder on his own. Now the pop giant is seventy years old.

Some respect him and others fear him. When Dieter Bohlen sits behind the casting desk as jury president for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” or “Das Supertalent,” you have to be prepared for his harsh words.

You sound like a sheep urinating on the electric fence.

To Bohlen, you're either “meeegaaa” or just plain terrible. He doesn't have a talented voice himself.

Bohlin's voice sounds average

In the late 1970s, Bohlin tried singing. He released his debut single “Hello Taxi Number 10” as part of the duo Monza. Various titles follow the role of soloist Steve Benson. As all the singles failed, his record company pulled the rope.

However, Bohlen remains stubborn. He and two other singers founded the singing trio Sunday. With this formation they even appeared in the “ZDF Hitparade” in 1982. However, Sunday would soon be crushed again.

The birth of modern talk

Bohlen realizes that he has greater talent as a composer. Sometimes he also wrote some addresses in German for a certain Thomas Anders. All the songs fail, but Bohlen likes the young singer's voice. He has the next project in mind. A modern singing duo with English language songs with a popular synth sound.

This is the birth of modern talk. Thanks to hits such as “You're My Heart, You're My Soul”, “Cherry Cherry Lady” and “Brother Louie”, the band experienced a meteoric rise in 1984.


Modern talk became an integral part of the 1980s.


Modern fashion has long been a cult hit in the 1980s. Bohlen is still considered one of the great composers. Even if the quality of his music streams can be debated, he always has a good sense of what's currently popular.

He also loves to jump on the bandwagon of the successful boom and diligently composes albums for Beatrice Igli, Andrea Berg, Ramone Roselli and Fantasie.

Huge party instead of a healthy vacation

It's hard to believe that the forever young blonde is celebrating her 70th birthday this year. While others enjoy a healthy trip, Bohlen prefers to give a concert in Berlin. So he will celebrate his anniversary on February 7, 2024 among his fans. No other details are known about this, but to put it in Bohlen's words, it will definitely be “meegaaa.”