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"Day without makeup": Carmen Jess reports from the hospital

“Day without makeup”: Carmen Jess reports from the hospital

Updated Nov 17, 2021 at 11:42am

  • Carmen Jess addresses her fans with an important message – without makeup and from the hospital.
  • Both the millionaire’s wife and her husband, Robert, underwent a thorough examination.
  • “Hopefully nothing bad will happen,” Jess says in a video.

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It became “the day without any make-up” Carmen Jess Reported from the hospital on Tuesday (November 16). The millionaire’s wife explained through an Instagram video why she and her husband, Robert, are currently being examined in a clinic. “We’re doing a general check up today, it’s very important,” the 56-year-old announced. “There are a lot of people who say you don’t have to see a doctor if you’re healthy.” From a certain age, it is important to “get a full examination”. “Bring a car to the workshop and check if everything is OK.”

Carmen Jess is happy to say that all the tests have gone well so far. “I’ll see what comes out of it at the end of the day, keep my fingers crossed for me.” Your followers support Carmen Jess above all else As far as her disembodied appearance is concerned. “I think this is so cool that you show yourself that way,” wrote one user. Another thinks: “I love you better without makeup.”

“I am happy when everything is fine”

Carmen Jess has not yet revealed how the investigations ended. Instead, the blonde shared some impressions from Monaco’s “Princess Grace Screening Unit”, which stunned her followers. “Cannot be compared to German hospitals,” one follower commented on the photos posted by Jess on Instagram. Shown: A plate with steak, side dishes and a bowl of fruit as in a luxury hotel, and a photo showing the tight schedule of the examination. “The service is simply world class,” says Jess happily. “The food was great and everything was very professional.” But she is still “happy when everything is fine” and the couple can leave the hospital in good health.

some Followers criticize the publication But also: “This is how privately insured people live with a very good income,” wrote one user. “This is in no way comparable to statutory insurance.” And another user: “The privilege of the rich. Prevention and health should be possible for everyone regardless of their bank balance.”
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