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Daimler recall: MBUX entertainment goes while you drive

Daimler recall: MBUX entertainment goes while you drive

“Virtual” recall Mercedes EQS and S-Class.
Watch videos and surf the web while driving

Mercedes has adapted the background software for the 227 EQS and S-Class units in the USA. Because entertainment functions such as video and internet were available while driving until then, contrary to what was intended.

Get in the luxury cruise control limousine and watch some YouTube movies on the infotainment screen at the same time: it may sound tempting, but it’s dangerous to the public due to the risk of drowning and the risk of accidents – although there are good reasons why these driving entertainment features are locked On models such as the Mercedes EQS and S-Class. At least if software programming for back-end servers connected to MBUX systems goes according to plan.

However, this was not the case for a total of 227 EQS and S-Class vehicles (the 2021 and 2022 models) in the USA. This comes out of one document The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which released information about the recall.

The S 500 was the most affected with 176 units, as were 16 S-580 units. With 20 EQS 450s and 15 other EQS 580 models, video playback and web browsing functions as well as other applications such as digital operating instructions were also available on the MBUX superior display while driving.

Mercedes Benz

There is plenty of room for content on the Mercedes EQS’ superlative display. However, browsing and watching videos while driving is a taboo.

First notice of German car

According to the NHTSA, Mercedes became aware of the error through one report from a car in Germany. After the manufacturer’s investigation, it became clear that the incorrect configuration had infiltrated the Mercedes Backend server from November, which could have accessed the vehicles. This was followed by a detailed analysis of the potential consequences and regulatory requirements. At the same time, Mercedes has identified the vehicles likely to be affected. Then the manufacturer corrected the system error in the corresponding back-end server. The cars connected to this now have the correct configuration automatically. This saves the owners having to visit the workshop – and prevents them from enjoying the movie while driving. So it’s kind of a virtual callback, if you will.

Backend updates also in Germany

According to the manufacturer, the rear-end error was also reported in Germany and other markets, as a Mercedes spokesperson admitted at the request of auto motor und sport: “We found that some vehicles in the C-Class (BR 206), S-Class (BR 223) and EQS (BR 297) With an active and linked Mercedes me connect account, the MBUX system configuration cannot meet the specification.In this case, various functions and applications (eg TV, digital operating instructions) can not be provided during the flight.No disruption before the start of the flight Or with an active choice of function by the occupants of the car, distraction of the driver from traffic cannot be completely excluded, ”so the statement.

Inform merchants and customers in the United States

Mercedes notified its US dealers on December 6, 2021 about a software patch that occurred in the background. Subject to further discussions with NHTSA, the manufacturer also plans to inform owners of affected S-Class and EQS models. You must be notified within 60 days in writing or by email. There is no separate notification to the driver via the in-car display. According to NHTSA, no accidents caused by the error have been known.


In the US, Mercedes had to adapt the background server configuration in order to block video and web functionality while driving on 227 units of the S-Class and EQS – an important detail to avoid distraction-induced accidents. Good for Customers: Since this is a backend server update, vehicles receive the new configuration automatically. Avoid visiting the workshop.