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Cordel shares rise after High-Speed ​​DaaS Monitoring One begins February 14, 2024 at 12:28 p.m.

Cordel shares rise after High-Speed ​​DaaS Monitoring One begins February 14, 2024 at 12:28 p.m.

(Alliance News) – Cordel Group PLC said on Wednesday it has begun data monitoring as a service for Network Rail (High Speed) Ltd. Which maintains the rail infrastructure for High Speed ​​One.

Cordell shares rose 17% to 4.80 pence in London late Wednesday morning.

Cordell is a London-based company whose main platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze transport corridors. High Speed ​​One is the high-speed line between St Pancras International in London and the Channel Tunnel, supporting local routes through Kent and international routes to Paris, Lille, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Cordel was awarded the DaaS launch contract in October after a successful proof of concept contract. Cordell said the first phase of the DaaS contract had been successfully completed using Wave 32 LiDAR and imaging equipment, previously approved by Network Rail.

Cordell said it optimized the device mounting design for permanent installation and, after approval for the installation, installed the devices on trains receiving routine maintenance.

This equipment has now entered daily service, autonomously capturing HS1 track data for the high-speed rail network, Cordell says, and uploading it to the cloud where it is processed by its AI platform to create a digital twin of the track to be built.

Regular automated surveys will measure the height and displacement of the topline, as well as other “critical” dimensions, Cordell said.

Mark Devereux said: “Cordel installed the equipment on the trains and automatically collected data on schedule and within four months of the contract award. We expect Cordel’s automated inspection management and AI processing service to continue to enable us to achieve fast delivery times.” Head of Electrification and Utilities Department of the High-Speed ​​Rail Network.

“Cordel will provide us with the data we need to make our technical management of railway infrastructure maintenance and renewal more efficient and safer.”

John Davies, CEO of Cordell, commented: “It is exciting to expand our world-leading technology to deliver key technical insights in line with HS1 requirements. Cordell has now collected and processed data on more than 500,000 miles of international railway lines, resulting in an unprecedented depth of “Unparalleled AI learning and data management experience.”

By Greg Rosenfing, senior reporter at Alliance News

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