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Controversial tech billionaire - Musk lets users vote on his future on Twitter - News

Controversial tech billionaire – Musk lets users vote on his future on Twitter – News

  • After the announcement of new Twitter guidelines and the suspension of journalists’ accounts, criticism of Elon Musk continues to mount.
  • Now the tech billionaire is allowing users to vote on his future through an SMS service.
  • The result may be available as early as midday CET.

Should I resign as President of Twitter? “I will stand by the results of this poll,” he wrote on Twitter Monday night. Users can vote yes or no.

There was previously heavy criticism of Twitter after the internet announced that it would no longer allow its users to advertise their presence on certain competing platforms – including Facebook, Instagram or Mastodon.

Sorry for the new instructions

Musk promised in another tweet that he would also make significant changes to the platform’s guidelines for voting in the future. ‘pardon. It won’t happen again.”

According to Twitter, the new policy against competing platforms applies to both your Tweets and your account’s bio. In the future, she said, Twitter will not allow free advertising for some social media platforms on Twitter. Musk acquired Twitter last October and has been pushing his ideas across the online service ever since.

Big question: What does Elon Musk do after the vote?

open box
Close the box

Elon Musk writes in his tweet that he will follow the results of users’ voting. It may become clear whether this is indeed the case during Monday, because voting ends at noon CET, SRF Business Editor Matthias Heim explains. However, it currently appears as though the majority of Twitter users are speaking out against Musk.

“Musk has shown in the past that he takes such voices seriously,” says Heim. So a few months ago with the issue of selling Tesla shares, which he did immediately when users voted for him.

What will happen to Twitter if Musk is indeed punished, says Heim, even the tech billionaire himself may not know exactly. Who would even want to take over after Musk rattled the company with layoffs and restructuring? At best, will there be a true conservative or crisis manager with the appropriate freedoms? In addition, there were rumors over the weekend that Twitter could actually resell the company.

Twitter has also banned the accounts of several prominent US journalists since Thursday. According to those affected, the closures were implemented without warning. Most of the accounts have now been reactivated, but the criticisms of the action have been huge. Many users then announced Twitter competitor Mastodon as an alternative – but also before that.

Musk’s controversial role

Musk has historically presented himself as a champion of free speech. Finally, he spread conspiracy theories on Twitter and used the platform to promote American Republicans in his tweets.

The online service has developed into an important communications platform in recent years: Governments, authorities and politicians use Twitter for their PR work all over the world.