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Concert tickets in Zurich are by far the most expensive

Concert tickets in Zurich are by far the most expensive

Taylor Swift’s two concerts in 2024 are already generating excitement. The 90,000 tickets are long gone. One of our editors didn’t manage to get one, either.

Tickets are four times more expensive than in Warsaw

rating for «NZZ on Sunday»: Nowhere else in Europe does the normal entrance fee cost more than Zurich. At just under 168 francs, the cheapest ticket costs almost four times as much as in Warsaw – exactly the same offer, by the way.

Are Swiss fans being robbed? Taylor Swift’s concert agency AEG leaves a request unanswered. “In Switzerland, production costs are higher than in other countries,” says Oliver Niedermann, CEO of Ticketcorner, which organized the advance sale. For example, stadium rental costs and wages.

Record the order on the concert

But: “Artists are well aware of the purchasing power of Switzerland,” Ticketcorner president Niedermann told the paper. Even if a big secret is kept about fees: in Switzerland, artists generally earn more per performance than anywhere else.

But the high prices hardly affected demand: 90,000 tickets were available for Zurich. Most of those who tried failed.

Ticketcorner chief Niedermann of NZZ am Sonntag says Letzigrund could have filled in “x times”. He never experienced anything like the advance sales of these two concerts. “It has to be the most requested Swiss party ever.”

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