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Prince George will never take the throne.

Prince George will never take the throne.

“Prince George will never take the throne,” journalist Clive Irving told T-Online. The author of “The Last Queen” is sure that his chances will be close to zero. Because if George had to wait as long as his grandfather, he wouldn’t become king until the year 2086. By then there would be many changes.

The expert assumes that Scotland will be independent by then and the United Kingdom will be dissolved. “A constitutional monarchy no longer makes sense,” says Irving. Thus, there would no longer be a throne for George to ascend.

But he also says that William and Princess Kate, 41, are successfully trying to modernize the monarchy’s image. They will use their eldest son for this. At a young age he won the hearts of many. “He has shown that he is a natural talent in front of the camera.”

But public appearances are pure stress for a boy, body language expert Sascha Morgenstern is sure. He explains to “t-online”: “The sign of his tension are the lips constantly pressing together.”

However, the ten-year-old always behaves immaculately, as Charlotte Countess von Oeynhausen sees from the inside as reason for the parents. William and Kate tried to slowly introduce their son to his next role: “Prince George approaches morality. He knows exactly how important commitments are.” This is why he acts even when he has to wear a suit to performances despite the sun and heat.

Irving thinks that George is now old enough to understand everything. “He knows his role is an apprenticeship without a job.”