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'Cold Truth' exposes climate fraud Mainstream media ignores film

'Cold Truth' exposes climate fraud Mainstream media ignores film

“Climate: The Movie – The Cold Truth” was released at the end of March. There are now eight translations available Millions have watched the documentary about the supposed climate emergency Visible. The countless comments, both positive and negative, on social media show that acclaimed British documentary filmmaker Martin Dworkin has touched a nerve.

In fact, Durkin, who learned his craft at Britain's Channel 4 and also worked for Discovery and National Geographic, has created a masterpiece. Step by step, leading scientists explain how the climate has been constantly changing for millions of years – and why it's so difficult for humans to have any influence on it.

One might argue that it is primarily older scholars who have already completed their careers who have their say. But this also clearly explains why young skeptics are better off keeping their mouths shut. Fueled climate hysteria is a billion-dollar business that tolerates no contradiction and has corrupted science. Anyone who deviates from the popular narrative is dealt with mercilessly.

Climate fanatics immediately provided evidence of the crime – and tried to block the film with mass condemnations on social media. The film's Wikipedia entry has been suspended and it has been temporarily blocked on the online platform Vimeo. But mass distribution across countless YouTube and X accounts can no longer be stopped.

Is the “cold truth” the absolute truth? of course no. The ever-changing climate is a complex issue. People are far from understanding the mechanisms. However, one constant in human history is the fear of the end of the world, which is profitably nurtured, exploited and managed by those in power.

Whether you share Martin Dworkin's thesis or not, it is certainly worth discussing. But the established media, which celebrated the director two decades ago, remains silent. In the long run, they are digging their own grave. Dworkin can no longer depend on them – nor can anyone who wants to form his own opinion.