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Coach Reichenau Markelic is satisfied with a strong second place after the fall season – Football Carinthia – Results, tables and top scorers from all KTN leagues.

Class C called for the winter break at the beginning of November. for him SC Reichenau / Valkert This part of the season was very successful. With 30 points, the team around coach Miroslav Markelic is in second place. Markelic was asked by Ligaportal for an interview following his successful fall season.

League portal: “Miroslav, how do you rate the team’s performance after finishing second in the first half of the season?”

Marcelec: “We’ve had a really good season so far. We started the season with optimism because we knew the quality was there. Although it wasn’t clear at first where it was going to go, at the latest after the third game, the draw against Launsdorf, it was clear to me that the team Ready to take first place. We developed well and showed fighting spirit and now we deserve this second place.”

League portal: “The winter break now runs until the end of March. How will you prepare for the second half of the season?”

Marcelec: “Now, everyone is running individually. We have an app for that, where we can push each other and do well. At the end of January we will start football training again. From then on there will also be a fitness coach who will do strengthening sessions.” with us from time to time.”

League portal: Is there a need to act in any situation? Will new players join the club? “

Marcelec: “We have already received two requests for the player’s arrival. But at the moment, we are in a very good position with many young players, which is what we are focusing on. We don’t want to sign bigger calibers, we want to work with our youth.”

League portal: “SC Reichenau was able to establish itself in the first field in the first half of the season. How do you want to behave in the second half of the season? Are you playing for promotion?”

Marcelec: “Our goal is not to become champions, but to really play football with heart, passion and ambition. These are the three components I ask of the team. As mentioned earlier, the focus is on training and developing the next generation. If the promotion takes place, of course we will be happy to accept it.”

League portal: “Who do you think will fight for promotion in the end?”

Marcelec: “Launsdorf, we, Glanegg—I think the table can be read at the end of the season in that order. In my opinion, Launsdorf was the most convincing in the fall.”

Marcelec: “Finally, I would like to thank the entire Ligaportal team. With impartial and excellent reporting, you bring football to life in the House of Representatives and make it very attractive for interested readers. I wish everyone a happy holiday.”

The Ligaportal team would like to thank you very much for these words of praise and will be happy to respond to your wishes!