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A royal expert criticizes the handling of scandals in the royal family – News

A royal expert criticizes the handling of scandals in the royal family – News


Kate gives Charles a kidney, William cheats on Kate: Rumors about the British royal family are spreading more than ever. Ranks royal expert Rob Jobson.

Small court, less spending, and fewer active royals: King Charles wanted to make the British royal family more dynamic and modern. But suddenly he faced cancer, which forced him to slow down for a long time.

The simultaneous absence of daughter-in-law Kate also came as a surprise. The British royals are going through a tough time, and they're making matters worse with communication blunders.

After the coronation, they were at their highest level. But the year got off to an unfortunate start.

British royal expert Rob Jobson assesses the situation of the royal family. The 59-year-old knows all about the British Royal Family. He has written six books about her and will soon publish his next book about Princess Kate.

For Jobson it is clearly the first year in office of King Charles III. They had already started on the wrong path: “After the coronation they were at their highest level. But the year got off to a bad start.” The cancer diagnosis was a particularly hard blow for the king.

Dealing with the scandal at Buckingham Palace

But Jobson is satisfied with the way his cancer diagnosis was announced: “They did it very well. They showed him the reception of the Prime Minister or the Ambassador. Or how he reads greeting cards. This calms people down. that was good.”


King Charles III meets Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for the first time since announcing his cancer diagnosis.

Getty Images/WPA Pool

However, communications regarding Princess Kate's recovery from abdominal surgery have been disorganized. Kate returned with a modified image on the occasion of Mother's Day after more than two months of silence. Instead of reassuring the public, this photo fueled speculation.

Princess Kate sits with her three children.  Everyone laughs at the camera.


The photo that really got “Kategate” rolling.

Instagram/Prince and Princess of Wales

To royal expert Jobson, it's quite clear how she should have acted. Kate is the star of the royal family. Most of the pictures and stories are published about them. “To think you can disappear for two months is naive. She should have remained visible, like the king, with regular short messages. This wouldn't have hurt anyone.”

Strange theories on social media

Jobson has never faced as many rumors as he has in the past few weeks. The journalist and author continues that users on social media are circulating the most bizarre theories. He recommends that William and Kate take the current situation seriously.

Amid turbulent and harmonious times, photos of the last intimate meeting between King Charles, Queen Camilla and the heir to the throne, William and Kate, were published at Christmas.

The royal couple shows unusually transparent communication about illnesses. “On the other hand, Kate and William are now closing down their private lives more firmly than before, which raises doubts,” the royal expert said.

You have to go back to Queen Elizabeth's communications.

According to Jobson, the saying “everything was better” applies to the British royal family: “They should go back to Queen Elizabeth’s connections.” She had a strong personality at the head of her press service who controlled everything. “People were confident that what the palace published was accurate.”

Queen Elizabeth II said: “You have to be seen to be believed.” Charles appears to be following his late mother's recommendation. It is not clear what the situation is with the Prince and Princess of Wales and when Kate will make an official appearance again.

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