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Cinema in Basel: Pathé closed Küchlin

Cinema in Basel: Pathé closed Küchlin

Cinema in Basel

And suddenly it’s over: Patty Koechlin is definitely a date

Koechlin’s lease expires at the end of June 2023. But the doors are now closed. The end of Basel Street Cinema came earlier than expected.

Here, in March 1977, a poster goes up: an advertisement for The Scarlet Pirate.

Photo: HR Bramaz/ETH Archives

The website is no longer working and the movies and popcorn machines are working for the last time. The cinema operator announced in March that the lease would expire at the end of June. The eight halls of the Steinenvorstadt multiplex will no longer operate.

While some were convinced that the last cinema on Kinostrasse in Basel was already closed, the current closure came as a surprise to others. Pathé Switzerland uses an A4 notice in black lettering to inform customers at the entrance that the Küchlin building is “closed with immediate effect”.

The end of Kinostrasse has been announced for years: in 2014 Pathé Switzerland closed Eldorado, in 2018 the Plaza on the corner of Stänzlergasse and Steinentorstrasse. Rival company Kitag AG also followed suit, in 2020 the company abandoned the Rex cinema and in January 2022 said goodbye to the Cinema Basel location altogether with the closing of the Capitol.

The remaining cinema operators in Basel

  • Arena cinemaHochbergerstrasse 70
  • Cult cinemaTheaterstrasse 7 and Rebgasse 1
  • New cinemaKlybeckstrasse 247
  • Statkino BaselClustergas 5

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