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Ciao, own an apartment!  Now back to mom and dad

Ciao, own an apartment! Now back to mom and dad

So that there is an order in the end again?

Ciao, own an apartment! Shania and Davina Jess are back with mom and dad

Shania and Davina Jess are moving back in with Mama Carmen and Papa Robert.

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“We will move together again in the future.” Carmen Jess was surprised by the news that her two daughters, Davina, 20, and Shania, 19, had abandoned their luxurious nest in Monaco. Back to Mom and Dad – for sentimental reasons, but also for very practical reasons.

Close family ties with Geissens – also thanks to a trip around the world

Once the kids are out of the house, they’re already back in. In 2022, Shania and Davina Geiss move into their luxurious cottage in Monte Carlo. A year later, daughters Robert (59) and Carmen (58) want to return to the family nest. At least that’s what Mama Carmen Jess reveals. On the SWR podcast “1 plus 1 – A Tentative Friendship” with Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer, she and her husband, Robert, talk about the strong family ties in the Geiss clan.

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This is no coincidence. When the girls were younger, the Gessen took their daughters on a trip around the world for over four years.

“We looked at every Caribbean island. At that time, my dream was to travel around the world in my boat, ”explains Robert. And this he and his wife weld to their daughters: “Today as grown-up women they say: we never want to miss out on time. The closeness to my mom and dad and the experiences we went through. We are deeply connected to each other. Which is why the Jesens family all want to “move in together again in the future,” Carmen reveals.

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Robert Jess: “Children make us go backwards”

“The kids have experienced it,” Robert says of Davina and Shania’s independence. A concept that was not only well received by girls. “Children force us to turn back so that order can be restored.”Robert speculates.

After all, someone has to “clean up and exercise discipline.” It is clear that it is not only the longing for closeness that drives Shania and Davina into the arms of Mom and Dad. (csp)