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Christina Applegate is opening up about her cancer diagnosis

Christina Applegate is opening up about her cancer diagnosis

Christina Applegate (52) suffers from multiple sclerosis and is very open about it. It tells a lot of details, including negative ones. So she said she showers less often because she's afraid of falling in the cabin. But she didn't always talk openly about the tough side of the disease.

In the podcast “Armchair Expert,” the actress talks about the breast cancer she had 16 years ago and her double mastectomy. She walked around being the good girl who said she loved her new breasts. They were “broken and broken.” She cried every evening when she took off her bra.

“What was I thinking?” She “lied her ass off” and everything she said was a “fucking lie.” “I was trying to convince myself of something.” But this doesn't help anyone.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Christina Applegate also founded a foundation to empower women to get tested. “Yes, we did a good thing,” says the actress. But she wishes she could say negative things too.

At least she learned from her mistakes: She advised a friend who had spoken publicly about her cancer to delete a post. The friend wrote: “If anyone can beat cancer, it's me.”

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You have to be completely open, even about negative things.


They should be positive to encourage other patients.


Applegate then told her that the post was not well received by people who had lost someone to cancer. Instead, you should be honest every step of the way during chemotherapy and radiation. Because that helps people more.

Now she is doing it herself. Christina Applegate talks about the frustration and weight gain caused by MS. There are no good days with MS, only “less bad days.”