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Chics and Chocs of Venice: Red Carpet: Killer Outfits in Venice

Chics and Chocs of Venice: Red Carpet: Killer Outfits in Venice

While much of Hollywood is on strike, for others the stage is clear at the Venice Film Festival. You can see the chic and chocolatey costumes from the early days in the photo gallery above.

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  • Hollywood is on strike. In Venice, the looks of those present on the red carpet are clearer.
  • There were elegant clothes and chocolate.
  • the Transparent Dress He was very present.

Venice is feeling the effects of the Hollywood strike. First the screenwriters were involved, and now the actors are also involved, which means a lot of celebrities are staying away from the action. But attendees have become more visible this year.

There are still killer outfits. Not just at the premiere of “The Killer” on Sunday, but thanks to everyone Transparent dressesThat is, completely sheer dresses, and as you would expect from Venice: lots of sparkle.

Venice is a special place for the Clooney family

The festival was announced by the Clooney family, who were photographed arriving in Venice the day before the festival began.

On the second day of the festival, on the occasion of the award ceremony for designer Diane von Furstenberg, Amal Clooney chose a sophisticated look. Dress slip: Pink lace dress with tulle skirt.

Through the romantic dress, which you can definitely get married in, it consciously or unconsciously reminds you of the year 2014, when the couple got married on September 27. Venice is a special place for George and Amal Clooney.

Venice is still eagerly awaiting Mr and Mrs Clooney’s red carpet appearance on the sixth day.

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May 17, 2023