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Chat GPT now uses the Internet in real time – here’s what you need to know

Chat GPT now uses the Internet in real time – here’s what you need to know

Subscribers can now also ask ChatGPT for current information.
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Chat GPT has been using the Internet since the end of September and can access current information.

Similar to Bing Chat and Google Bard, Chat GPT now also provides source information.

So far only subscribers can use this feature. But it should be available for everyone to use soon.

OpenAI has given Chat GPT a new feature: since the end of September, the chatbot has been able to access Internet content and thus provide up-to-date information. The program now also offers resources for its answers. Until now you can only use this function by subscribing.

Chat GPT now also provides current information

“My knowledge is limited to the September 2021 case, so I cannot tell you any specific events from 2022.” Until recently, Chat GPT responded in this or a similar manner to questions about the past two years. Since September 27, the software can now also process current information from the Internet, e.g OpenAI announced on X (formerly Twitter).. The new feature is called Browse with Bing.

And this is not the only change in Chat GPT: according to “t3nThe chatbot is now expanding its answers to include sources and links for the first time. However, none of the features are completely new. The chat function in Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has long been able to access existing information and sources.

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Who can use the new Chat GPT feature?

Until now, you can only use the new functionality if you have access to a Plus subscription or a Chat GPT subscription. According to media reports, developer OpenAI wants to make the functionality available to everyone soon. Meta also wants to use Browse with Bing for its new AI assistant. This should be integrated into Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger.

how “Haze” Reports, OpenAI has specific application areas in mind for the new feature. Chat GPT can now be used, for example, to create individual travel plans.

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This is how you activate browsing with Bing

According to OpenAI, you can easily spot the new Chat GPT feature in beta settings:

  • Click “Profile & Settings.”
  • Open Experimental Features.
  • Enable Browse with Bing.

If you want to use the new functionality on your iPhone, you must first select New Features under Settings. You can then activate Browsing with Bing there. You then have to open a new chat and make the appropriate settings there.