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“this is not possible”

“this is not possible”

For more than two years, LEGO has been trying to make its building blocks from more environmentally friendly materials in order to reduce emissions. Now the head of LEGO has announced that this project will no longer be pursued because the products do not meet the company’s standards.

“It’s not possible”: LEGO is trying to become more sustainable

LEGO’s idea to produce more sustainable bricks doesn’t sound bad at first. In 2020, the company decided… Alternative materials To replace the oil originally used. Among other things, LEGO 2021 will present bricks made from discarded PET bottles. But there is a crucial catch.

LEGO President Nils Christiansen explains to Financial Times In interview, none of the materials tested came close to the quality of known terminal blocks. Neither Brilliance, color or sound According to him, it is similar to the original. Additional equalization steps would increase the emissions saved again.

€1.1 billion for sustainability attempts

LEGO’s plan is to take CO2-Company emissions by 2032 To reduce by 37 percent. More than €1.1 billion has already been invested in tests corresponding to this initiative, including reused plastics and e-methanol plastics. This can be obtained using renewable energies.

Even if LEGO continues to adhere to this plan, there will be no major experiments with reused materials in the near future, as this will only lead to a loss of quality. Incredibly expensive Become. This will not only affect the company, but also the consumer above all. Since LEGO sets are not currently cheap, eco-friendly alternatives will be more expensive. Therefore, LEGO is committed to manufacturing from oil for now. What will evolve from this in the future remains to be seen.

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