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Huge recall at Mercedes: Famous models now urgently need to go to the workshop

Huge recall at Mercedes: Famous models now urgently need to go to the workshop

Mercedes recalls a popular car model all over the world. Here we show the vehicles that need to go into the workshop.

The Mercedes GLC is a truly successful model: last year alone, the manufacturer sold 342,900 cars of this model series. The SUV is thus the brand’s best-selling vehicle. The recall announced by the Federal Motor Transport Authority is now comprehensive, with 70,658 GLC vehicles having to go to workshops worldwide, according to reports.t online“.

On vehicles manufactured between 2021 and 2023, the thread in the front cross member where the tow hitch is installed may be faulty. Result: The screw connection may become loose when towing. This means that towed vehicles can suddenly become separated in the middle of traffic due to a torn bar. This would pose a serious risk to all road users and could cause serious accidents.

Many vehicles in Germany are also affected by the recall

Remember: one of the most successful Mercedes models must go to the workshop.

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According to authorities, a total of 15,582 GLC vehicles are affected by the recall in Germany. Since this is an official recall and not a voluntary one, the owners of all affected vehicles will be contacted and asked to attend the workshops. If you are affected but have not yet received a letter, you can contact the authorized workshop or Mercedes-Benz directly.

The threads are checked in the workshop and reworked if necessary. If this is not possible in individual cases, the entire cross member must be replaced.

The recall is being conducted at the Federal Motor Transport Authority under reference number 013159 and at Mercedes under reference number 6290004.

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