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Charming and Competent - 9 Women Who Formed SRF - Home

Charming and Competent – 9 Women Who Formed SRF – Home


Over the decades, a large number of strong women have left their mark on the SRF with their presence.

“Ladies First” applies to our images of characters who have had a particularly lasting impact on SRF. Next Thursday will be the turn of the “masters of creation”.

Heidi Appel

The first star on Swiss television was Heidi Appel. For 30 years, the Basel woman has made up the station with her charismatic behavior. She came to television as a presenter in 1954, and a quarter of a century later she had her own show on Saturday evening, “Karambuli”. Heidi Abel died of cancer on December 23, 1986 at the age of 52.

Mona Fitch

Travel and youth programs, “club” moderator, 21-year-old SRF 3 radio with microphone and much more – Mona Fitch loves to dance at various weddings. Her fitting motto: “Don’t let yourself get bored in life – the rest should be!” At the start of SRF’s tenure in 1998, she probably wouldn’t have dreamed of how rich her media career would be one day.

Monica Wassnacht

As the “Yasser of the Nation,” Monica Wassnacht had been in business for nearly two decades before leaving in 2018 after 422 broadcasts. Perhaps the younger audience was not familiar with the diversity of Monica Vasnacht. The trained flight attendant came to SRF Sport in 1993, working in front of the camera for 10 years. Later, he managed the Swiss qualification for the Grand Prix of folk music with Sacha Rover.

Trudy Gerster

On the radio, live or on cassette – Trudy Gerster has accompanied three generations of Swiss children with her fairy tales. Even at the age of ninety, she made children’s eyes sparkle with her unmistakable voice. The narrator, who was born in St. Gallen in 1919, has long been the recipient of the Wallau Honorary Award.

Katja Stauber

Katja Stauber had 2700 issues of Tagesschau behind her when she last stood in front of the camera as a presenter on April 20, 2020. Since 1992 she has been bringing news from around the world to viewers of SRF. She still works in the same profession – now in the background as a major edition producer.

Regina Kemp

Regina Kempf is an actress for the long-abandoned broadcaster job. As such, the Appenzell native has been the face of national television since 1970. When, in 1992, telemetry made facilitator texts read from the screen and editors have now provided those scripts, Kempf was utterly frustrated and closed off with the TV disconnect.

Gabriella Amgarten

Since 1992, Gabriela Amgarten has run the popular game program “Risk”. Two years later, she took the position of editor-in-chief. In 2005, Amgarten became SRF’s first female president of entertainment. During her five-year tenure, she has produced successful formats such as “The Biggest Swiss Hits”, “SRF bi de Lüt”, “Country Women’s Kitchen” and “Über Stock und Stein”.

The Two Unequal Marie Therese

In the 1980s, two women with the same first name made the face of Swiss television for very different reasons. In 1980, Marie-Therese Gogesberger was the first woman to present the Swiss daily news, breaking into an decidedly masculine sphere.

On the other hand, Marie-Thérèse Guerder was the first announcer to earn the title of “The Nation’s Television Sweetheart”, which is questionable from today’s perspective. In the second half of the 1980s, she moved to the private broadcasting station RTL Plus to seek her fortune as an actress in America.