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Charlene’s style check: pretty daring for the royals

Charlene’s style check: pretty daring for the royals

Charlene Von Monaco is known for her changeability when it comes to hairstyles, but she also rocks across the board when it comes to fashion. Watch some unforgettable looks of the princess in the video.

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  • Charlene Monaco always surprises with her new hairstyle.
  • But she also emphasizes her own style on a fashion level.
  • She has repeatedly become a media topic due to her unusual royal appearance.

When you think of Charlene’s style, you immediately have several hairstyles that the wife of Prince Albert II dared to try. For the royal family, this openness and willingness to experiment is definitely cool.

After all, the royals are usually pretty shy when it comes to their hairstyles and advocate classic cuts. Sometimes they wear almost the same haircut throughout their lives, for example, Queen Camilla, Queen Letizia or Princess Kate, who give up only a few centimeters of their length or allow themselves at most subtle fringes. This minimal change should be enough for the royal family.

Charlene sees it very differently. The former South African swimmer dares to make cuts that are not only extreme from a royal standpoint, but also for most women. From the pixie cut to the micro fringe to the undercut, yes, you heard me right, there are many bold hairstyles out there. And it actually looks like she knows a good hairstylist, because she’s managed to pull off every hairstyle so well so far.

The right touch in fashion

On the fashion level, things are a little more subdued, but no less exciting. You can tell she loves fashion. Princess knows exactly how to use it. Whether she is wearing a headscarf when visiting the Pope, a batik pattern in Africa or a red cape at Christmas Mass – Charlene perfectly adapts her outfit to the relevant occasion and has a good sense of design.

In the video, fashion journalist Marjorie Coplon shows off some of the most memorable looks of the Princess of Monaco.

Style check: Camila dares to turn heads

Camilla has transformed over the years from the Rottweiler, as she was once called, into the Queen Consort. And a lot has happened in terms of fashion, too. You can see how her style has changed in the video.


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