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Celebration box: Bounty disappears from pack – customers angry


These candy bar celebrations fly outside the box

04.11.2022, 14:47

How long does chocolate really last?

How long does chocolate really last?

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s only a matter of time before you’re back collecting tons of chocolates. However, chocolate lasts longer than you think.

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In the UK, manufacturer Mars Wrigley takes a specific candy bar from the Celebrations box. The excitement is great.

There is now a crack in the ranks of chocolate fans in Great Britain. As per manufacturer’s declaration Mars WrigleyThe temporary removal of the Bounty Coconut Bar from the Celebrations box has met with enthusiastic approval and outrage on social media.

What happened? Because, according to Mars Wrigley, the Little Bounty Bar is such a popular British dessert that it disappears completely from festive collections in the run-up to Christmas. These are referred to later “No Bounties” Marked.

“No Bounty”: Campaigning in Great Britain in the run-up to Christmas

However, according to the manufacturer, the campaign is limited in time. The new packs will be available from November 8 in just 40 stores across the country Supermarket chain Tesco to give Customers are allowed to exchange their already purchased boxes of Bounty Bars for new boxes. The new “Celebrations” packs will be stocked equally with other mini bars such as Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Maltesers, Snickers, Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel.

On the other hand, in Germany, everything should remain the same, said a spokesman for Mars Wrigley when asked by “Bild” newspaper. In fact, fans of German chocolates have different tastes than British chocolate lovers. In a survey about Company page Bounty present (4.11.) The The second most popular bars Celebrations box. Only Galaxy works better. The most unpopular bar in Germany is Tuesday.

Excitement about Bounty on social networks

But even in Great Britain there are plenty of bounty lovers who want their pubs back. They are expressing their anger under the hashtag #bringbackbounty.

Pizza supplier Domino’s used the excitement for its own promotional purposes.


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