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Cases provide information about the camera's design [Gerücht]

Cases provide information about the camera's design [Gerücht]

Nearly half a year before the launch of the new Apple iPhone 16, rumors are already in full swing. The leaks name several different configurations of the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max, some of which overlap or differ significantly from each other. A recent leak affects smaller model cameras. A photo of the cases supposedly intended for the new Apple smartphone allows us to draw conclusions about their arrangement.

On top of each other instead of diagonally

The corresponding image comes from the leaker @Sonny Dixon, who posted this on X. You can see two identical cases with a transparent back and a long camera cutout. The trim proportions can't accommodate three cameras without relying on a very ridiculous design. If the case does indeed come from one of the new iPhones, it should belong to the iPhone 16. In contrast to the more expensive models, this phone will likely have dual rear cameras again.

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