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Great concern for the presenter and the family: Swiss stars wish Christa Rigozzi “a lot of courage”

Great concern for the presenter and the family: Swiss stars wish Christa Rigozzi “a lot of courage”

On Instagram, Christa Rigosi comments very vaguely on an incident that affected her entire family.

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Christa Rigosi shares a video on Instagram that causes great concern among her fans: something bad happened to her family.

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  • Christa Rigosi (40) uploads a video on Instagram that is causing concern among her followers.
  • In the video she talks about how “something bad” happened to her family – everyone was affected.
  • Now you need time to process all of this.

The Ticino broadcaster contacted her followers on Tuesday, January 9, with a disturbing video message: “Something bad happened to us, affecting our whole family, my husband, my children.”

This was also the reason why she was offline for a week. She needs time to process and digest this.

The 40-year-old also confirms that she will tell her fans about what happened at some point. However, she now wants to protect her family and herself.

Rigosi also adds: “I am not always online, but I see you. Thanks for all the messages, comments, wishes and emails. They give me strength and help me a lot.”

There were also some familiar faces in the comments: former Miss Switzerland Kirsten Cooke sent her several hearts, as did comedian Stefan Böser, singer Remo Forer and presenter Linda Fah. Author and chef Meta Hiltbrand wishes her “lots of strength.” “Love you all babe,” event organizer Ritu Hanselmann wrote.

Former Bachelorette Frida Hodel wishes: “A lot of courage.” “So much power to you and your family, dear Krista,” blogger Antje Catherine Chanel wrote.

Christa Rigosi and her husband, Giovanni Marchese (45), have two daughters, Alyssa and Zoe (7).

Christa Rigosi and her team have not yet responded to a request from Blue News.

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