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Car theft just got easier with Airtags |  Mac Live

Car theft just got easier with Airtags | Mac Live

The Canadian investigator I discovered a new method of auto theft in which air signs play an important role. Thieves hide them in high-quality vehicles and use the functionality of the location to track them to the victim’s residence.

Since the fall of 2021, there have been five incidents in the Canadian region of York in which suspects are said to have used AirTags to steal high-quality cars. While parking in public places, thieves placed AirTags in the hitch of a trailer or in the fuel filler cap.

As of iOS 15.2, which is currently in beta, iPhone owners can be warned if third-party airtags are present in the area. But on the other hand, there is no iOS 15.2 however, on the other hand, later it will only work with iPhones, but not with Android devices. Police assume that AirTags will be used in more and more vehicle thefts in the future.

Police Tips: Just park the car at home in a garage and check for hidden air signs as long as iOS 15.2 is not present.

What do you think that? Are Airtags Really For Vehicle Theft?