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Camping: The place is taking a radical step – holidaymakers want to 'boycott' it.

Camping: The place is taking a radical step – holidaymakers want to 'boycott' it.

The North Sea beaches attract countless holidaymakers every year, and camping enthusiasts also love to spend their holidays on the coast. Some even have a “favorite place” in the north.

Unfortunately, many people now have to give it up because the operators are taking a blatant and drastic step and upsetting many camping enthusiasts.

Camping: Vacationers will want to avoid this place

It is a mobile parking space in the city of Norden in Norddeich, on Dörper Weg, a few meters from the Norddeich dunes. This has been very popular so far with North Sea enthusiasts. But current changes to the location are currently deterring holidaymakers.

Anyone who now visits the City of Norden's website for information about RV parking will encounter this message: “Effective February 1st, cash payments will no longer be accepted at City of Norden RV parking spaces.”

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This innovation was met with severe criticism from many camping enthusiasts, as shown by numerous comments on social media. Apparently the campsite is planning a complete switch to cashless payment methods, which are only accepted at payment machines and during office hours in the office container (EC cash, credit card or similar). “Cash exchange, for example, for electricity, is no longer possible in the office container. We ask for your understanding,” the city continued.

News of this change is currently spreading across the Internet and sparking angry reactions from camping holidaymakers. “Then I'll avoid this place,” a woman comments, receiving sufficient approval. Others believe that money means freedom to them, and if this freedom is taken away from them, they will “boycott” the place.

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Camping: Some vacationers show understanding

Despite the critical voices and mostly negative opinions, there are also vacationers who can understand this decision. One camping fan offers a different perspective: “Don't you go abroad? To Scandinavia? Almost all parking spaces there are cashless.

Another camper suggested: “I imagine this decision was made for safety reasons. ATMs are regularly broken into and money stolen. This will definitely not happen anymore with card payments. Who can and wants to pay someone to monitor and unload the machine.

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However, the reason for eliminating on-field cash payments has nothing to do with security. A city spokeswoman explains the background to MOIN.DE. >>> Find out more here!