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How many people actually demonstrated in Wetzlar Square?

How many people actually demonstrated in Wetzlar Square?

February 5, 2024, 8:47 am

Heike Deberschauser from Ilmenau asks herself: According to MDR THÜRINGEN, 2,200 people demonstrated at Wetzlarer Platz on Tuesday. I can't imagine this space could hold 2,200 people. Where do such numbers come from?

By Thomas Becker, MDR THÜRINGIA

For police and assembly authorities, limiting the number of participants is part of daily life. They know the sizes of space, make comparisons with other events or even count. For example during demonstrations. If participants run in a reasonably organized manner and in rows, the count becomes relatively accurate.

In clusters, extrapolations are made: how big is the space, how close are people to each other in each square metre, and then no major calculations are required, but some experience to determine a reliable figure from this. Sometimes they are already counted, especially at small gatherings or demonstrations, says police spokesman Patrick Martin: “If we have 150 to 200 participants and it moves like an elevator, I can count the participants as well.”

How big is Wetzlaer Platz in Ilmenau?

According to the city administration, the area of ​​Wetzlarer Platz in Ilmenau is approximately 2,100 square metres. This includes the area around the Model City in front of the pharmacy supermarket, where protesters were also standing. This also applies to Friedrich Hofmannstrasse, which is a pedestrian area.

Public Order Office staff were also present that day and their checks showed MDR THÜRINGEN: There could have been between 2,000 and 2,200 demonstrators in the area of ​​the opening march.

Why does it even count?

Surprisingly, the authorities do not count us media and not in order to argue with the organizers over the interpretation of the numbers.

The police and assembly authorities are simply concerned with security. Questions that play a role include: How many people are registered? How many actually came? Was it possible to control the event? Were traffic regulations such as road closures appropriate? Were the arrival and departure times correct? Ultimately, it is also about drawing conclusions for the future and the current event.

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