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Bye Berlin!  Bushido migrates with his family XXL.

Bye Berlin! Bushido migrates with his family XXL.

Rapper Bushido wants to start a new life in Dubai with his wife Anna Maria and their seven children. away from his worries in Berlin. The boxes are already filled.

White beaches, sea and plenty of sunshine, Dubai attracts many tourists. She was also loved there by German rapper Bushido and his wife Anna Maria Verschi. So much so that they now pack their boxes and haul away from Berlin with their four kids and triplets, eh «» white.

Bushido and Anna Maria are still busy preparing the reins. Ana Maria Ferchichi, 40, confirmed the extended family’s plans to move to the desert city on Instagram.

But it’s not just an escape from the cold, humid Berlin weather. Bushido and Anna Maria wish an easier life in Dubai. One away from the Abu Shaker clan. With Arab family members in Berlin, Bushido would quarrel a lot and even move around In front of court. Since then, Bushido and his children have been protected by state police officers.

The rapper wanted to immigrate to Dubai before, but Anna Maria’s triple pregnancy with complications prevented the plan at the time.

A fresh start in the rental apartment

The German School Dubai starts the academic year on August 28. By then, Bushido wants to settle down again. First in a rented apartment, until he found a suitable property for his extended family. Away from the Berlin weather and its fears there.