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Buying PS5: Out of stock again after the Müller rush, now look at these alternatives

Buying PS5: Out of stock again after the Müller rush, now look at these alternatives


Sony’s PS5 is available from Müller, but after a short availability, the consoles are now out of stock again. You will find what you are looking for with these alternatives.

The PS5 can be purchased from Müller every now and then. (Source: Sony screenshot)

  • At Müller, you can buy the PS5 for a short time on November 17th.
  • Now keyboards are not available again.
  • You can also get PS5 at 1 & 1.

The pharmacy chain Muller spent a brief period on the morning of November 17 PS5 Offer available. However, the rush was big and the unit small, which means the console is now being shown as “wholesale” again.

So if you want to buy a PlayStation 5 here, you need to be quick. So keep an eye on the following links, you might be lucky and you can order the PS5.

in a Müller Buy PS5*


in a Müller Pre-order PS5*


Current alternatives

You can currently get PS5 at 1 & 1 As a bonus for a new DSL contract. in a flymobile You can pre-order the console as a bonus for a new mobile contract. Unfortunately, the length of the waiting period is not currently known.

Rumors are currently circulating on Twitter that you are in branches Jim Stop And fact Pre-order a console and receive it within a short time. Readers have informed us of this by email. It may be worth making a call or a visit to your local store.

You can also use delicious Nestlé competition Take part. You can win one of 999 PS5s there until April 2022.

Perhaps you are lucky elsewhere as well. In the following texts we give you an overview of PS5 availability at other retailers.

Choose your PS5 model

Before buying, you should decide whether you prefer PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition I want to buy. There is no time for big considerations until allotments are available again.

PS5 im . test
The new generation of gaming consoles from Sony

Sony’s PS5 should show in the test whether the console is better than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It plays well with PlayStation 5.

You can read how good the console is in our PlayStation 5 . test.

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