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Brexit: Every fourth EU citizen in Great Britain feels treated unfairly

Many England EU citizens living are concerned Proxy For their rights in the country. This is a central result Survey The British Independent Monitoring Commission for Citizens’ Rights Agreements (IMA), which has about 3,000 citizens living in Great Britain Europe Question. Most of them (96 percent) are EU citizens.

One in four respondents said they did not feel treated equally with British citizens by public institutions. Nearly half people fear such unequal treatment in the future. In addition, many are concerned about future issues related to entry or their right of residence and access to housing or health services.

“Hostile environment”

Nearly a third of respondents attributed their uncertainty to distrust of the government. Eleven percent saw negative effects on the Brexit process. Others said they felt their environment was “hostile” (9 percent). One in ten is considering leaving the UK.

Meanwhile, the British government carried out its operations against EU citizens entering Britain without proper visas. According to media reports, dozens of EU citizens were detained for a few days before being deported. “We are working hard to inform EU countries and their peoples directly about what they can show on the border,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson.

According to reports, the EU citizens involved, for example, said they would like to come to Germany for a couple job, internship or job interviews. Another government spokesman told international media that those who did not have the right to stay in the UK would be expelled soon. People can be taken to deportation centers only if it is not possible within 24 hours.

With Brexit, EU freedom of movement in Great Britain is over. EU citizens living in the country by the end of 2020 can apply for the so-called EU settlement plan until the end of June. According to the British Home Office, 5.4 million applications have been received so far, of which 4.9 million have already been approved. The right of residence granted in this way is to grant them the same rights they did before Brexit – such as the right to life, access to work and health care.